Renato Talhadas, AMFT, APCC, MADC

Renato Talhadas, AMFT, APCC, MADC

Program Director

Renato M. Talhadas has been an active BAY AREA professional for many years particularly in civic service and social justice causes. Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Renato was raised in Florida where he earned his Bachelor’s in Sociology and Education. Renato moved to the Bay Area for Teach for America and worked for numerous schools from K-12. While noticing mental health issues in tech, Renato left his employment as a social media specialist and dropped out of law school to pursue his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Counseling, with a specialization in addictions and theology. Currently, he works as a lead program coordinator and therapist for AGUILAS: EL AMBIENTE supporting the culturally sensitive environment of gay/bisexual Latinos, especially those struggling with addictions, homelessness, asylum and HIV/AIDS. Renato is passionate about the Portuguese speaking residents whom is often discriminated, marginalized, and left unnoticed as members of the LatinX communities. Renato has traveled to 30 countries through volunteer and missions’ programs and has ran three marathons.

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